Mission Statement

The Malcolm X & Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial and Educational Center (The Shabazz Center) harnesses the legacies and continues the work of Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz through the worldwide advancement of human rights, social justice, and high impact programming in New York City. At the site of Malcolm’s martyrdom, The Shabazz Center is an internationally recognized historic site. The Shabazz Center honors the memory and inspiration of Malcolm X and Betty with events and programs that promote public discourse and engagement on issues relevant to both the African Diaspora and the community at large, as well as educational, cultural and social activities that catalyze change through action.

Vision Statement

Through both global and local outreach, educational programming, and engagement with the Diaspora community, the Malcolm X & Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial and Educational Center will be a movement, a place, and an organization that empowers and prepares people for greater participation in civil society, and that facilitates thought exchange beyond tolerance to understanding, in the spirit of the legacy and teachings of Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz.

As the 100th birthday of Malcolm X approaches, we have a bold aspiration to reach 100,000 people each year in our outreach, events, and programs..

Core Values/Operating Principles

  • Legacy
  • Integrity
  • Dignity
  • Justice
  • Community
  • Empowerment
  • Understanding
  • Humanity

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