Mission Statement

The Shabazz Center is a cultural and educational institution that harnesses the legacies of Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz to incubate social, racial, and global justice movements. Our physical space memorializes Malcolm X’s humanitarian efforts and martyrdom, and embodies the educational vision of Dr Betty Shabazz. We partner with community organizers and educators, and facilitate cultural activations meant to catalyze the next generation of leaders in the movement for global racial equity and justice.

Vision Statement

How we Contribute to Social Change: As a multi-faceted memorial and cultural space, The Shabazz Center understands that community-led institutions with strong values are invaluable to social change and positive identity formation. That is why we will be building youth leadership within the greater New York City community, along with fortifying our commitment to civic engagement and cultural production, both of which are commitments grounded in our legacy of racial equity and social movement building. We seek to uplift the importance of cultural production, radical scholarship and community-based programming as critical tools that allow for communities across the globe to wrestle with our present realities, and do the work of building new, more sustainable and life- giving worlds. The Shabazz Center is poised to help usher in wide-ranging narrative shifts through programming that we see as necessary for social transformation.

Core Values/Operating Principles


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