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Help us carry the legacies of Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz by becoming an intern at the Shabazz Center


Consider this as your invitation to become a catalyst of social change

The Shabazz Center is a cultural and educational institution committed to incubating social, racial, and global justice movements. We invite dedicated individuals like you to be a part of our transformative work.

The Malcolm X & Dr. Betty Shabazz Center Internship Program

The Internship Program at the Malcolm X & Dr. Betty Shabazz Center offers hands-on learning experiences and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

As an intern, you will have the chance to work closely with our dedicated team, contribute to meaningful projects, and make a difference in the community.

Additionally, interns will receive lunch once a week at a historical or black-owned restaurant and visit a historical landmark.

This internship will be a reciprocal relationship between the Shabazz Center and the intern, as interns will have an immersive educational experience as they learn about the legacies of Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz through trips to historical landmarks, reading articles about the teachings and beliefs of Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz, and listening to speeches given by Malcom X and Dr. Betty Shabazz.

Program Objectives:
  • Provide interns with practical experience in various aspects of the Center’s operations.

  • Support interns in developing relevant skills and knowledge in their areas of interest.

  • Foster a positive learning environment that encourages creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking.

  • Offer interns the opportunity to engage with the teachings and legacy of Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz.
Internship periods vary depending on the project and availability. The typical internship duration ranges from three to six months, with a minimum commitment of 15 hours per week.
Who Can Apply
The Shabazz Center Internship Program is open to individuals who meet the following criteria:

  • Currently enrolled undergraduate or graduate students or recent graduates within one year.

  • Demonstrated interest in African-American history, social justice, civil rights, or related fields.

  • Strong communication skills and the ability to work effectively in a team environment.

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite and other relevant software.
Summer Intern Requirements:

Return as Alumni Speakers: Summer interns are expected to return the following year to share their internship experiences with new interns and discuss their contributions to social justice causes throughout the year.

End-of-Internship Video: Summer interns must submit an end-of-internship video sharing their experience. By submitting the video, interns consent to the Shabazz Center using it for promotional or other purposes.


What's in it for you?

By participating in the Shabazz Center Internship Program, you will:

Gain Practical Experience: Work on diverse projects that align with your interests, allowing you to develop relevant skills and knowledge in your field of choice.

Immerse in History and Activism: Engage with the teachings and legacy of Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz through immersive experiences, including visits to historical landmarks, engaging with their speeches and writings, and deepening your understanding of their impact.

Contribute to Social Justice: Be part of a dynamic team that promotes social justice, racial equity, and global understanding, making a tangible difference in the lives of others.

Networking and Mentorship: Collaborate with experienced professionals and build meaningful connections within the cultural and social justice sectors.


The internship at the Malcolm X & Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial and Educational Center is an unpaid position. The internship does not offer monetary compensation, medical or health benefits, or damages for injuries sustained on the premises. By participating in the internship program, interns acknowledge and agree to these terms.

Application Process

1Complete the Online Application Form:
Provide your contact information, upload your resume, and submit a cover letter highlighting your interests, skills, and why you want to intern at the Shabazz Center.
2Submit a Video:

Record a 1-3 minute video answering the following questions:

– What does Malcolm X mean to you?

– How are you living the legacy of Malcolm X?

– How are you living the legacy of Dr. Betty Shabazz?

– Why do you want to be an intern at the Malcolm X & Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial and Educational Center?

Your video submission will help us assess your fit for the internship and may be used for promotional purposes.

Qualified candidates will be invited for an interview to further discuss their qualifications and interests. Interview details will be communicated via email or phone.
4Selection and Notification:
Successful candidates will be notified of their acceptance into the internship program. You will receive an offer letter outlining the details of your internship.

Internship Opportunities

Research and Archival Project
Help organize and digitize historical documents and artifacts related to Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz.
Speaking Series Support Project
Coordinate and support guest speaker events held at the Center, including logistics, promotion, and event coordination.
Grants and Funding Research Internship
Conduct research on foundations providing grants and funding opportunities aligned with the Center’s mission.
Space Rental Support Project
Assist in managing and coordinating space rentals at the Center, ensuring a positive experience for renters.
Guided Tour and Brochure Development Project
Develop engaging tour content, create informative brochures, and conduct guided tours for visitors.
Join us and become an integral part of the Shabazz Center Internship Program. Make a meaningful impact, gain valuable experience, and contribute to social change. Apply now to embark on a transformative journey honoring the legacies of Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz.

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